colundi allentide party, devon, uk, 2015

date - saturday 31st october 2015 - sunday 1st november 2015 (15:00 - 15:00)

venue - Tapeley Park, Bideford, North Devon, UK

cost - choose your own cost of entry!

artefact acquired

additional infomation:

*private party* / barn dance / colundi unconvention

*advance tickets only* *only 120 total places available* *no tickets on the night*

line up:


Aleksi Perälä

Osborne aka Soundmurderer

Mike Dred The Kosmik Kommando

Krzysztof Oktalski

Jodey Kendrick

Maf*pHew (Penryn Space Agency)

DJ Rephlex Records

more tbc

optional free camping / campervan / carboot-sleeping-bag / warmer inside barn / store room spaces + limited budget priv. b&b rooms (if you can't drive home or...)

dresscode: *blue clothes* or costumes/cloaks/capes/cones preferable

music & dance, romance, *inside*

*plz contact us if you wish to perform some magic here with us*

xclusive colundi artefacts available for attendees

access: (we're looking to cover modest costs) please make an offer via our colleague's E:, stating, in no more than 10 words, why you wish to attend; or if not, any 10 words about anything.

*start/end times & following details subject to update*

building/piano/oak tree/permaculture tours!

wanna bring your kiddies? contact us to outline required creche provisions/ideas (we have a room)... (NB evening dancefloor space is 18+)

local seasonal organic food & drink pre-orders (or b.y.o.), ambidub breakfast etc

huge pumpkin / big turnip prize, bonfires!

please share with nice people. thank you everyOne :)