amen fourth, rome, italy, 2015

date - friday 8th may 2015

venue - H Club, Via dei Conciatori, 7, 00154 Roma, Italy

cost - 10 euro

artefact acquired

additional infomation:

There is a reason that goes beyond the event itself, though these days we talk about new possibilities related to the techno sound, this is due to the immense work of experimentation that Aleksi Perälä has done in recent years, and which led him the creation of a new object musical called The Colundi Sequence . Entering the technician is rather superfluous, take good for the fact that the artist has devised a musical scale different from the norm through which music flows is writing a beauty crystal published through different playback formats, from vinyl, to the cylinder, the USB stick. To make it simple, Aleksi Perälä sculpts the sound and pantry techno and ambient sounds that clear, hypnotic and harmonious.

The AMEN research toward a new sound, avant-garde, but not necessarily experimental, starts again. AMEN back with the 4th episode and for the occasion inaugurates the new collaboration with Since crew. AMEN4th feat. SINCE. This time to brighten up your ears and stimulate the synapses will find:

Aleksi Perala aka Ovuca FIN - live, Lamanna at work IT & Fire - Live modular September premiere dawei IT - live, Equohm IT - DJ sets, Live Visual: AMENvjs, artwork: CO-CO

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