a microtonal musical scale originating in Mesopotamia, based around resonance, nature, philosophy, the cosmos, traditions etc has been passed down to us via saints & kings. it’s called the colundi sequence. hear some. we’re not a religion or political party. the project started in somalia, in a village called colundi. It’s too long a story to explain properly in words.

we have recently funded, through colleagues donations, a piece of land in cornwall, england, which will be used as a nature reserve, for permaculture and wildlife, as a symbol to people of common unity and common purpose, also to silently broadcast an exclusive colundi album on loop for anyone nearby that tunes in on a pocket radio perhaps also some windchimes or similar low-impact instrument.

we aim to establish one such “node” in every continent on Earth, then in every country, for global unity/representation/significance. for when countries/money/religion/the singularity are “One”.

13-14m square (200 sq m) is adequate. priority is to populate each continent then 'country' with even the most modest of plots. then we can/will expand the surface area for each node. scenarios and possibilities are too numerous to list. pass it on! cheers.

e.g. pledge £10, if all the colleagues did this, we'd have £10k +. several have pledged £50/£100. but even £1 helps. a little extra gives us all a piece of planet Earth. as the physical format of a musical album. it enables us to save a modest plot of land from 'the Man', for colundi, for colleagues, for nature, for everyOne, forever. contributors will receive the album audio for free, a colundi deed to the land and more besides; frequencies & magic...

we are currently locating nodes in continents besides africa and europe; suggestions welcome please:-
antarctica -? asia -? [australia/australasia/oceania/new zealand] -? north america -? and south america -?

some early press:

the first piece of land is in somalia? in a nature reserve?

sorry for my poor explanation.. to clarify (i hope), sorry no, colundi is actually a village in somalia. this is where colundi originated. “the hub”. if colundi was a religion there would be a shrine there. instead, there is a small square of woodland not far from the river.

the second piece of land might be acquired soon in cornwall?

the colleagues have already purchased it. uk law dictates we must comply with certain procedures, which are scheduled for completion before solstice. eventually such countries will be One.

and these ‘nodes’ or pieces of land will be used for recording? parties? gatherings?

depends on the situation/location. this cornish one will broadcast colundi level 9 to passers by. we aim to install a colundi tuned instrument there. there won’t be parties or gatherings at the cornwall node, apart from small ceremonies. the cornwall node will be a nature reserve, for permaculture, wildlife etc. and, of course, a symbol to people…