labyrinth festival, chubu, japan, 2015

date - saturday 19th september 2015 - monday 21 september 2015

venue - labyrinth festival, Naeba Greenland, Niigata, Chubu, japan

cost - 18,000 yen

artefact acquired

additional infomation:

The lineup is complete for this year's Labyrinth, which takes place from September 19th through 21st in Niigata, Japan. The festival's familial atmosphere can in part be attributed to its habit of inviting artists back year after year. Labyrinth staplesDonato Dozzy and Peter Van Hoesen will both be present in 2015: Dozzy will play live with Neel as Voices From The Lake, while Van Hoesen will DJ solo. Other live acts include Atom & Tobias., Mathew Jonson, Mike Parker, Aleksi Perälä and Sebastian Mullaert, who will perform a DJ-live hybrid show with Kontra-Musik's Ulf Eriksson. DJ sets will come from Scuba, Patrick Russell, Nuel, Spectrum Spools's John Elliott, SO and Hiyoshi. In addition to his live slot, Mullaert will also DJ as Minilogue.

Live line-up: Voices From The Lake, Atom & Tobias, Mathew Jonson, Ulf Eriksson (dj) & Sebastian Mullaert (live), Aleksi Perälä Presents: The Colundi Sequence, Mike Parker

DJ line-up: Peter Van Hoesen, Scuba, Patrick Russell, Nuel, John Elliott, Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue, SO, Hiyoshi

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