mysteries of the deep 2, ny, usa, 2015

date - friday 1st may 2015 (22:00 - 06:00)

venue - 315 Ten Eyck St Brooklyn, NY 11206, usa

cost - 15 - 30 dollars

artefact acquired

additional infomation:

Mysteries believes in pushing boundaries with sound and spacial environment. To achieve this, Chemistry Creative and SubBass Sound are designing a custom, discrete quadraphonic sound system with both analog and digital spatialization capabilities for this event, while Seva Granvik, Eryk Sarniak (SHADE), and Abby Echiverri (Control Voltage Fair) are collaborating on a complex array of synthetic & biological video and laser projections. Graphic design direction provided by Gabriel Benzur and Common Name.MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP, the podcast that evolved into a live sensory event series in October of last year, presents the next edition.

NEEL (Voices From The Lake, Spectrum Spools) - Phobos is the debut LP from Neel, well-known as the sonic mastermind behind the Voices from the Lake project, together with his fellow Italian DJ, friend, and cosmic joker Donato Dozzy. Neel is a young mastering engineer with golden ears, and through Voices from the Lake, he and Dozzy have brought a level of immaculate sound production to techno which, to be honest, simply hasn’t existed before. Alone, however, you might feel Neel sounds even better. Phobos is a carefully cut gem, reflecting layers of patient detail and filling the full frequency range with a perfect balance. Voices from the Lake is an organic project, with a tight focus on water and life, but Phobos has leapt to the opposite end of the spectrum. You cannot take a sampler's magnifying glass to a place that does not transmit sound—another kind of imagination and technique is required. The sonic results are a real treat. This album more than most, will benefit from whatever outrageous hi-fi you can swing at it. Don’t just play it loud—play it well. Legend has it Neel constructed Phobos out of an elaborate narrative concerning Phobos, the larger of Mars’s two moons, Fear and its brother Dread, the son of Aries and Aphrodite, the moon which sets twice across the Martian sky each day, and which each century draws closer to its red parent by one earthly meter, in a 50-million year gravitational tease that can only end in destruction. Further investigators will have to tease out the real details of that story from Neel, but for us the album slowly traverses through deep space over the course of a single hour-long track, patiently passing slow-turning objects and desolate plains, until the final minutes where it unpacks itself—presenting all the pent-up emotions from a long trip—in a blissful moment that marks the end and beginning of this voyage into space alone.

ALEKSI PERÄLÄ (colundi) - Performing live in the US for the first time since 2002, Finland native Aleski Perälä is a UK-based experimental electronic music artist, prestigiously signed to Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label as well as his own AP Musik. Having launched his career under the glitchy melodic pseudonym of Ovuca, he has also produced as Astrobotnia, and is fueled by his passion for the physics of sound. Born in 1976, Perälä was already making records as a teenager in the 1990s, and went on to study music technology in Helsinki in the 2000s, where he had the chance to work in the studio of Finnish music pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi, which contained many of the prolific researcher, inventor, and musician’s own homemade electronic instruments and synths. Transformed by his impressions of acid-house and the discovery of Richard D. James aka Apex Twin, Perälä self-released several albums as Ovuca before signing to Rephlex, where he has also collaborated with labelmate Cylob in punching-out the sound-warped Cylobotnia, a cross-breed of percussion heavy electronic experimentation. Inspired from his time at Erkki Kurenniemi’s studio, Perälä also worked on creating his own musical scale, dubbed The Colundi Sequence, together with label partner Grant Wilson Claridge. As he explains to The Wire: “Instead of dividing the keyboard into octaves with semitones, we have chosen specific frequencies to work around... The scale is 128 resonant frequencies … each relating to a specific human bio-resonance, or psychology, traditional mysticism or belief, physics, astronomy, maths, chemistry -

ANDUIN (Infinite Greyscale) - Jonathan Lee is an audio / visual collagist based in Richmond VA. His recordings, performances, and installations as Anduin are narrative experiences infused with everyday sounds. As Textura Magazine (CA) wrote, “One of the things that most distinguishes Jonathan Lee's Anduin work is his uncanny ability to take a number of real- world samples and thread them into a composition in such a way that these mundane sounds are transformed into something much more arresting.” Since 2008, Lee has released five critically acclaimed albums and a half dozen EPs, including collaborative works with Erik K Skodvin (Svarte Greiner), Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX), and Carl Ritger (Radere). He’s also contributed sounds and music to films, dance pieces, and art instillations in the US, UK, BE, FR, and FI. Anduin’s newest record, Last Days of Montrose House, is out now on Infinite Greyscale.

Patrick Russell is a true veteran of the underground, perhaps one of the last unsung heroes of a now lost era in the Midwest. He magically transforms the diaspora of pure jack energy into a fluent sonic dialog that never fails to devastate the dance floor. A Detroit-bred DJ, artist and producer since the early 90's, Patrick has now made Brooklyn his home. His resume highlights include everything from an exclusive opening for Jeff Mills in Detroit in 2007, performing at the 2001 & 2008 DEMF/Movement festivals, to decorating and performing at the inaugural and now legendary leaky warehouse No Way Back. His consummate taste and ecstatic yet disciplined execution have created a respect that cannot be purchased. Patrick is not just one to watch, he is one to be experienced. Patrick is also known for his exceptional taste in ambient and experimental music. Mysteries Of The Deep VI was Russell’s layout of psychedelic rhythms guided by sonic imagery rather than beats, rich with productions spanning the genre’s entire spectrum. His recent podcast for the avant-electronic record label Ghostly International revealed a sinister angle to the narrative started in Mysteries VI. With our podcast’s caliber of artists growing parallel to its followers, Patrick is a key figure in the Mysteries evolution, commanding the closing set at this and all future events. He is currently at work on a new project for The Bunker NY that we hope will see the light of day soon.

Borne (Scott Vizioli) is a Jersey City-based DJ and producer with techno, house and dub influences, but he always relishes a chance to focus a set on the stranger ambient side of music. Starting the evening with a set comprising vinyl, digital sources and effects pedals, he hopes to soften the wall of reality so that the rest of the artists may pass through and continue the journey farther.

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