current colundi node funder

we are currently locating nodes in continents besides africa and europe; suggestions welcome please:- antarctica -? asia -? [australia/australasia/oceania/new zealand] -? north america -? and south america -?

e.g. pledge £10, if all the colleagues did this, we'd have £10k +. several have pledged £50/£100. but even £1 helps. a little extra gives us all a piece of planet Earth. as the physical format of a musical album. it enables us to save a modest plot of land from 'the Man', for colundi, for colleagues, for nature, for everyOne, forever.

colundi node g6 (europe)

colundi node (g6/europe)

cornwall, uk

colundi hub africa

colundi node (hub/africa)

kaluundi, webi shabeelie river, jowhaar, gobolka shabeellaha dhexe, شبيلي لوسطى, somalia